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are located  Minchinton St , Caloundra (Beach Side ) 

Toilets are available for public use. Please note that open times and accessibility
may vary to other public toilet locations.


are also available in Williamson Lane Bus Depot 

Felicity Park 

is located at 77 Bulcock st Caloundra

Caloundra Information Center 

is located in Felicity Park , 77 Bulcock st . The Center can help with all general and holiday inquiries 

Caloundra Regional Gallery

Caloundra Regional Gallery presents a changing exhibition program featuring leading local and national artists.

Professional curators and education staff develop and deliver a range of exhibitions and public programs that explore the unique culture and  character of the Sunshine Coast and is located in Felicity Park

Caloundra Library 

Take a short stroll through Felicity Park to find the Caloundra Library




Free Public Wi-Fi   is available in Bulcock st .

The Wi-Fi service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Anyone can access it with a Wi-Fi enabled device.

To connect to the service, search your wireless networks, select ‘SC Free Public Wi-Fi’, and read and accept the terms and conditions.


Council does not capture personal information of individuals accessing the service unless the user opts into providing that information while using the SC Free Public Wi-Fi service.

The Wi-Fi network does automatically detect Wi-Fi enabled devices moving through the coverage area. The network uses the beacons that every Wi-Fi enabled device periodically emits to collect information of the number and movements of devices.

Once the terms have been agreed to, council will record information relating to use of SC Free Public Wi-Fi.

Information recorded includes:

  • location of the device accessing SC Free Public Wi-Fi
  • time of log on and log off
  • web services accessed by a device
  • if a device has previously logged on to the service.

The MAC address of the device that has accessed the SC Free Public Wi-Fi is used to obtain this information. A device’s MAC address does not provide any personal details about the individual who owns or is using the device. MAC addresses are anonymised with an irreversible encryption before storing in a data centre.

Once you open the internet browser application to the website,  council will capture and process information about the web browser type and/or operating system information used by the enabled device in order to determine the most effective and/or customised means of displaying the requested website on your device.

Wi-Fi use

Hotspot areas are to be used in a fair and community-minded manner. Council may choose to limit downloads and connection times and use content filtering systems as part of this service. More information can be found in the terms and conditions.

Mobile technology and health concerns

Council relies on the expert advice of an authoritative international health authority, the World Health Organisation (WHO), for overall assessments of health and safety impacts.

EMF Explained Series developed by the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association in conjunction with the GSM Association and Mobile Manufacturers Forum have a number of resources regarding Wi-Fi and Health.